Because we believe that dazzling and robust growth is delivered by working together on and in the businesses we participate with. We take a keen interest and help teams we invest in to create consistent equity growth through our innovative approach. Our people have worked in industry, across sectors, been involved in several start-ups, turnarounds and acquisitions. If you’re looking for a fresh new approach to working together or you got an idea but could do with some help to put flesh to the bone, why not get in touch.

Our offer can be broadly broken down into five distinct areas:-

Venture Technology

Have an idea, which you would give a life to? Bring us on-board to help you realize your ideas and expand possibilities. Check out and for our technology stack.

Mentoring & Ideation

Mentoring & ideation support to provide our founders and partners with access to a level of support that money can’t buy. At e-navik we are here to help our partners to increase their chances by drawing on our network of expertise across Europe, the US, India and beyond. Check out our Team page.

Venture Co-location

“Kickstart your entrepreneurial Mojomentum”. Become part of MojoLabs in Noida, India or in Cologne, Germany. Check out www.mojolabs.spaces.

Venture Marketing

Where we add value using modern marketing technology and techniques.

Venture Capital Raises

Get help and advice on how to raise capital for business growth.
Early stage businesses (pre-revenue) or later stage companies
Product, Technology and Business concepts that enhance customer experience
Naturally evolving product offerings which become components to a larger solutions.
Businesses that need to think global- act local and extend their geographic outreach.
Help businesses having limited experience of accessing capital
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Get in touch

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Our business style is one of hands-on partnership, relying on the high quality teams that we back. Our business model involves a serious commitment on our part to help you grow the businesses. While the technology is solved with our tech-teams we expand your horizons offering you several value creation initiatives with equity impact approach.

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Get in touch

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Our approach is simple and bankable rooted in a simple belief that few entrepreneurs, no matter what their background have breadth of expertise to meet the challenges of starting up without relying on guidance from engaged and committed advisor. Even the best of us need someone we can trust and challenge our perspectives on a regular basis.

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Get in touch

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To hear a “WOW” from every customer we engage.

At e-navik, we’re a family, and like all families, we have a set of values we do our best to live up to and they are built on solid edifice of high morals standards. Simple operating philosophy “Honesty, Transparency and Fairness to employees, customers and partners in whatever we do” serve as absolute maxims for our daily operations.

Values embodied by e-navik are:


To encourage the ability that meets difficulties and challenges with courage.


“Be a coach” or “Be a coached”. To learn irrespective of your past accomplishments.


Take ownership for results in line with the laid out objectives, strategies and values.


Empower our people and give them the freedom to perform and contribute positively.

Continuous Self-Appraisal

Resolve to constantly re-evaluate and re-invent ourselves for further improvement and creativity.


Be yourself, Have fun, Make it large.


Meaningless Propaganda.


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